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Innovative. Integrated. Inspiring.


Outdoor  Classroom Consulting

Combining innovative design and developmentally appropriate pedagogy, Hilary can collaborate with school administrators to design outdoor learning spaces and conduct professional development trainings for schools on how to take traditional classroom instruction into the schoolyard. For portfolio samples, please email her.


Engaging in non-profit grant writing, partner networking, and stakeholder engagement, Hilary can help your organization realize funding opportunities and develop collaborative partnerships. See her work in action with Wasatch Mountain Institute.

Teaching and Learning

Hilary can work with school leaders to create multi-sensory, interdisciplinary experiences that deliver age and developmentally appropriate content for students who are learning indoors and outdoors. Join Hilary for a Tinkergarten class or at the Waterford School Summer Camp.

Supporting Utah's

Outdoor Industry

Elevating the fields of outdoor recreation and environmental education drives Hilary's passion for service to the Governor's Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee and the membership committee of the Utah Outdoor Association.

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